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United Nation’s International Migrants Day and GIS

December 18th is the United Nation’s International Migrants Day to recognize the efforts, contributions, and rights of migrants worldwide.  Migrant workers and migration has had a natural fit with geography and geospatial approaches from historic analysis to today’s global world.  The UN is taking a geospatial approach to recognizing  International Migrants Day. They asked global citizens to participate by sharing photos and videos tied to their personal stories about how migrants positively contribute to communities and economies worldwide on Facebook and Twitter using #IAmAMigrant which were then featured on the UN’s Storify page. Storify by Livefyre is a free online tool that collects location based social media and videos from around the web into a unified story.

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3D printing and GIS

It is difficult to remember that last year the 3D printing industry hadn’t inundated the public consciousness because 3D printing and 3D visualizations were still an innovative, but not yet wide-spread technology. What a difference a year can make and how quickly a technology can go from innovation to necessity. Forbes magazine recently advised its audience on, “How to Invest in the 3d Printing Industry”, CNBC gave a basic overview of “What Investors Need to Know to About 3D Printing“, while the Motley Fool said that despite the fact that, “3-D Printing Stocks Got Hammered” their performance in the past year has been “simply astounding”. There are an increasing number of business sites devoted to the 3D printing industry including 3dprinting  and who predicts that the 3D printing market will be worth more than 8 billion by 2020. Read More

The GIS Forum…join now

The GIS Forum is the result of a twitter coversation from a month ago. Today it is a well designed site that has the promise to be an exceptional resource for the geospatial community. The masterminds of behind the site have created a site that combines a traditional forum with a blog roll and wiki. The forum sections set up so far focus on the technical areas of geospatial technologies such as Desktop GIS, CAD, Server-side GIS, LBS, and others. While there are conversations already going on in the forums, the power will come as the community grows and people share their personal experiences. The same holds true for the wiki. In the wiki you can post education details like how-to’s, where to access data, and how to create connections with other geospatial folks.

Beyond the content The Geospatial Forum is well designed and easy to navigate. The designers went all out and made the search box obvious (a personal beef with some forums). The interface is clean and informative to allow you to easily find what you are looking for in different ways (tag clouds, by user, by topic). There are also groups that you can join on the site that are regional and topical. This brings the additional ability to talk to people with more specific interests such as GIS and Education or the Southeast US (the two groups I have joined so far). Overall, I think the site is going to be a great resource to the geospatial community as the number of folks participating grows.

Learn-gasm’s 100 Best Blogs for Earth Science Scholars

We recently got an email from Kelly at Learn-gasm about the recent article from Alisa Miller on their choices for 100 Best Blogs for Earth Science Scholars, and we made the list! The 100 blogs on the list cover a wide range of content, from Geology, Meteorology, and Climate Science to Geography. My favorites are Magma Cum Laude, about volcanoes of course, and Geologic Froth, which is about geology AND geospatial technologies.

Learn-gasm is a new blog on the site BachelorsDegreeOnline, which is a resource site for online higher education and includes listings of schools that offer online programs, articles about financing, accreditation, and other topics.

GIS Pathway, a learning solutions blog

I cam across this blog/site today that seems like an interesting tool for those who are new to ArcGIS and a nice reference for those more familiar. GIS is a site that offers tips on using ArcGIS (Desktop only so far). It is maintained by a student named Timothy at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC. With the combination of written descriptions and a smattering of videos I think the site has great potential and is similar to what I had envisioned for the VerySpatial HowTo section that we never had the time to get off the ground. I really think that this is a great model for the NGTC to look at, especially since CPCC is one of the member institutions.

Check out this site and if you are on Twitter you can follow Timothy on his gispathway account.

Survey – The Use of New Media in Education

New Media in Education SurveyWe are finishing up a paper on the use of New Media in Geography education, but I wanted to get an idea of how others are taking advantage of the pieces of the puzzle to give it a broader perspective. If you are an educator, whether academic, professional, or informal, I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to take a short survey. There are only 15 questions and it should take about 2-4 minutes to finish. The questions focus on background information and determining how New Media is used in the classroom and to support the classroom. The survey will be available between Sept 14-30, 2008.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Plaidcast up and kicking for the new semester

For those of you interested in modern Cultural/Political Geography goings on I would like to remind you of a podcast I pointed out last Spring…The Plaid Avenger Plaidcast. After a summer hiatus, class is back in session and the PlaidAvenger has once again donned his mask to provide his unique take on Geography. This podcast, which is intended to support a particular professor’s class on World Regions, provides some great background and insight into current events and provides a wealth of information in an amazingly digestible way for anyone. After getting the Plaid Avenger to attend the New Media panel at the AAG in Boston it is clear that John is simply a tremendous presence in the classroom and out and that Katie has her work cut out for her as an editor.


GISCafe ads video coverage at conferences

Another major GIS/geospatial pub/site has joined (kind of) the New Media ranks. GISCafe created a series of 16 videos at the ASPRS conference. Much like our interviews they shoot the fish in the barrel by hitting up vendors in the exhibitor area talking to company reps from GeoEye, Intergraph, 3001, and others. The upside is that there is video, the downside is there is no RSS delivery mechanism (must get eyes on those ads). I would prefer to see them do a quick pre or postroll ad so that I can download the vids, instead they are flash based movies embedded on their website.

The main impact that this will have on our coverage of Where 2.0 next will be that I have to find a decent portable (fits in suitcase) tripod so that the camera doesn’t do its standard bob and weave. It’s surprising how few 4 ft shelves or tables are nearby when you are recording video.

GISCafe videos from ASPRS08

Plaid Avenger Plaidcast

While trying to find folks to follow on Twitter I ran across the Plaid Avenger Plaidcast. The Plaid Avenger Plaidcast is a video series that highlights the thoughts of the Plaid Avenger on current global issues. These cultural geography hot topics are presented in a way that makes me think of a mix between John Stewart, a Ska front man and Henry Rollins. I hope to track down the Plaid Avenger at the AAG in Boston this week and get a behind the scenes exclusive of the masked marvels escapades. I hope to bring you more soon, but until then head over and check out the Plaidcast.

Plaid Avenger Plaidcast
The Plaidcast on iTunes

Groundspeak Forums – talking geocaching

In my recent stumbles around the web I came across an extensive set of forums on geocaching over at the Groundspeak Forums. On the site (which is related to there are plenty of topics to choose from including geocaching groups from several countries, geocaching adventures, GPS in education and even an online GPS garage sale. So if you are looking for a GPS adventure head over to the forums to find out what is happening.

Groundspeak Forums

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