GISCafe ads video coverage at conferences

Another major GIS/geospatial pub/site has joined (kind of) the New Media ranks. GISCafe created a series of 16 videos at the ASPRS conference. Much like our interviews they shoot the fish in the barrel by hitting up vendors in the exhibitor area talking to company reps from GeoEye, Intergraph, 3001, and others. The upside is that there is video, the downside is there is no RSS delivery mechanism (must get eyes on those ads). I would prefer to see them do a quick pre or postroll ad so that I can download the vids, instead they are flash based movies embedded on their website.

The main impact that this will have on our coverage of Where 2.0 next will be that I have to find a decent portable (fits in suitcase) tripod so that the camera doesn’t do its standard bob and weave. It’s surprising how few 4 ft shelves or tables are nearby when you are recording video.

GISCafe videos from ASPRS08

3 thoughts on “GISCafe ads video coverage at conferences

  1. GISCafe is a major site? I thought they might be when I looked at them a while ago. Their RSS feed seems never to be working, so I haven’t been passing through there much.

  2. I translate ‘does it full time’ to major I guess. They are one of the sites I follow the geospatial press releases on.

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