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Podcast hosts

Each week when we record VerySpatial, Sue’s main job is to keep Frank and Jesse in line and somehow manage to not breathe or giggle too loudly into the microphone. Her favorite part of co-hosting A VerySpatial Podcast is getting to interview so many people in Geography and geospatial industries.

In her other life, Sue is an associate professor of Geography, specializing in the intersection of Digital Humanities and Historical Geography. She holds a PhD and MA in Geography as well as MA and BA degrees in History. Her research interests include the expansion of GIS functionality to incorporate historical data, digital reconstruction of historic landscapes.

Jesse is the audio tech guy of the group. Always glaring at Frank since he knows that editing is inevitable, Jesse remains ever hopeful that someday a show will be recorded from beginning to end that is void of bad puns that he would never release unto the unsuspecting world.

Currently an Assistant Professor in Geography, Jesse focuses on the integration of phenomenology and geospatial technologies to study prehistoric cultural landscapes. He has also, some how, become a GIS Professional (GISP), a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA), and an FAA certified sUAS pilot, as well as holding a PhD and MA in Geography and a BS in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology.

Frank – Virtual Explorer
Frank’s main job at AVSP is to make sure there is ample material for the blooper real. Normally this is done through a series of bad puns, off topic remarks, and launching in to random bits of music to stick into everyone’s head (which will never be released lest we lose 50% of our listenership overnight). Never one to shy away from expressing an opinion, his favorite part of AVSP is mixing it up with people in the discussion section. His aspiration for each show is to slip in just enough on-topic puns and one-liners that aren’t worth Jesse’s time to edit out.

When he’s not harassing Sue and Jesse, Frank’s day job is programming Internet GIS applications. We finally drug him away from his work toward a degree in Political Science to work towards his PhD in Geography. He has (I think) an MA in PoliSci, an MA in IR, and a BS in Computer Science. His research interests mostly center on technology in society, technology policy, and community development.

Blog Contributors


BarbBarb has been a constant contributor to the VerySpatial blog and as a VerySpatial ‘roadie’. She provides VerySpatial with the only media credentials (besides street cred) that we can claim with a background in journalism. Sadly, Barb has the unenviable task of keeping Frank out of trouble when the podcast ends.

Much as with Frank, we have pulled her to the geospatial side from Political Science and Journalism (she has a Masters degree in both). She is currently ABD in Geography. Her research interests include solid waste and the spatial nature of trash.

VerySpatial Blog

The VerySpatial blog is intended to be a location for the hosts and participants of A VerySpatial Podcast to link to interesting sites and articles on Geography and related information. In addition to the blog itself the site hosts columns, links, and a few downloads on relevant topics. Visitors are encouraged to register so that they are able to leave comments to blog entries

A VerySpatial Podcast

A VerySpatial Podcast is your weekly source for information on Geography and geospatial technologies. Geography touches most things we do everyday and geospatial technologies are taking over the world. This podcast seeks to point out how geo is filtering into our digital lives and daily lives.

We are listed in a number of places. The majority of our connections are currently through iTunes. You can also use one of the myriad of great RSS aggregators to connect using our RSS Feed. There is always the low tech version where you make sure to come to this page to download the podcast each week.

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