• Call for AAG panel members – New Media and Social Media for Geography

    A decade ago we hosted our first panel on New Media in Geography at the AAG. I would like to revisit the topic this year in another panel that expands […]

  • Heading to AAG in Chicago

    It is time, once again, for the annual meeting of the AAG. This year Sue, Barb, Frank, and I will all be wandering the halls to present, view presentations, interview, […]

  • AAG2015 – Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition

    Every year at the AAG conference many specialty groups host student paper/poster competitions. I strongly encourage you to check these out if you are student, or let a student know […]

  • Dance Your GIS

    Frank very jokingly sent me an io9 article on Science’s 2013 “Dance Your Ph.D.” Contest in which Ph.D’s, past or present, can win $500 for conveying their Ph.D concept through […]

  • Looking for a few good interviews at the AAG in NY

    The VerySpatial crew will be at the AAG in New York from Friday, 24 February to Tuesday, 28 February. We have a handful of conversations lined up, but if you […]

  • Geography Education Specialty Group of the AAG

    As some of you may know, I took up the mantle of Treasurer of the GESG this year. Since I have an audience to reach out to through the blog, […]

  • VerySpatial TV 45 – Jesse@AAG

    Jesse’s presentation Reaching out to highlight Geography from the AAG ’11 in Seattle. The presentation focuses on how to use social media and new media to distribute information about Geography. […]

  • Call for presentations, AAG 2012 session

    With the AAG taking place in February next year, the call for papers will close earlier than usual (Sept 28). Due to this earlier timeline I am putting out a […]

  • VerySpatial at AAG 2011

    With the AAG taking place in just over 2 weeks in Seattle we are ramping up for a great conference. All of the VerySpatial regulars and many of the contributors […]

  • Need help finding a Seattle spot

    We are thinking of hosting a Geography meet up at the AAG in April to get a chance to meet some of you who will be in attendance of the […]

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