Plaid Avenger Plaidcast

While trying to find folks to follow on Twitter I ran across the Plaid Avenger Plaidcast. The Plaid Avenger Plaidcast is a video series that highlights the thoughts of the Plaid Avenger on current global issues. These cultural geography hot topics are presented in a way that makes me think of a mix between John Stewart, a Ska front man and Henry Rollins. I hope to track down the Plaid Avenger at the AAG in Boston this week and get a behind the scenes exclusive of the masked marvels escapades. I hope to bring you more soon, but until then head over and check out the Plaidcast.

Plaid Avenger Plaidcast
The Plaidcast on iTunes

2 thoughts on “Plaid Avenger Plaidcast

  1. I’d tell you who the Plaid Avenger is, but that would mean revealing his secret identity.

  2. I’m sure if you asked him for some contact details, he would reveal them.

    Mild mannered college professor by day, crime fighting superhero at night… The world is safer in Plaid.

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