• New Poll: DIY Imagery

    There is a wealth of ways to get imagery today from buying or downloading satellite imagery to hiring a company to fly your project, but it is the low cost, […]

  • Poll results: Jesse’s next portable

    So, I put my decision to the community and I think I have to disagree with the majority. Of the 65 responses the breakout was: 8 votes for 13″ MacBook […]

  • Poll: Which portable to go with

    I am pondering a purchase in the future to replace my soon to be 3 year old 15″ Macbook Pro. I have generally narrowed my options down to another Macbook […]

  • South Sudan poll results

    With more than a month under its belt, South Sudan seems to be moving full speed ahead. There continue to be issues as expected with a new country, but growth […]

  • New Poll: South Sudan

    With South Sudan becoming independent, and the first new country in a while, there are a lot of questions coming up. We will leave the commentary to the talking heads […]

  • Earth Observation Day 2011

    Well the results are in for our most recent poll “What type of plans do you have for Earth Observation Day (April 8)?” With 17 responses, 18% are hosting an […]

  • Old poll, new poll: March 2011

    Back in January we asked the question “Which Esri Tech Certification are you thinking about?” and we received 88 responses which broke down to: ArcGIS Desktop Associate/Professional – 39% Web […]

  • New Poll – Esri Tech Certification

    As we mentioned a few weeks ago on the podcast, today (January 17) is the first day that you can register for the new Esri Technical Certification tests. At launch […]

  • New Poll – Remote Sensing

    As we begin to turn our attention to Remote Sensing for October we wanted to pose a new question and poll… Do you use remote sensing data? It is an […]

  • New Poll – Favorite social media site

    We are all bouncing around between social media these days to keep up with friends, make new connections, and generally expand our personal network. VerySpatial has become a Twitter and […]

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