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New Poll: DIY Imagery

5990888651_7cdbf146ae_zThere is a wealth of ways to get imagery today from buying or downloading satellite imagery to hiring a company to fly your project, but it is the low cost, low effort DIY imagery that is the most exciting and fun. The picture to the right is one of many that is available from Flickr, and other photo sites, that was taken with one of these methods (in this case a kite). With that in mind, the new poll wants to know what technology you prefer to use or are interested in using to capture low altitude imagery. Head over and share your thoughts. If you have a method that isn’t listed leave a comment on this post and I will add it to the list.

Poll results: Jesse’s next portable

SurfaceProSo, I put my decision to the community and I think I have to disagree with the majority. Of the 65 responses the breakout was:

  • 8 votes for 13″ MacBook Pro (12%)
  • 18 votes for 15″ MacBook Pro (28%)
  • 24 votes for a Surface Pro (37%)
  • 11 votes for Lenovo Yoga 13 (17%)
  • 4 votes for Dell XPS 12 (6%)
  • As you can see from the image we already have a Surface Pro in the company with Sue’s preorder and first day acquisition. I like it, but while I want something portable I have decided that a 10″ desktop area is too small. It is great for apps, but I am not comfortable with traditional Windows applications at that size. On the other hand 12-13 inches seems doable and I want to cut down from my 15″ laptop from the last 6 years, especially since I have have access to brawny, large (multi)monitored desktops for when I need the power.

    Clearly the top two votes are out and the low vote, XPS 12, is currently in the lead. However, if something else comes out before I have the cash to upgrade this summer, my decision making will restart. On a side note, hopefully Sue will take a minute to share her thoughts on the Surface Pro in the near future.

    Poll: Which portable to go with

    surface-pro-black-keyboardI am pondering a purchase in the future to replace my soon to be 3 year old 15″ Macbook Pro. I have generally narrowed my options down to another Macbook or a Windows 8 touch enabled device. I like MacOS, but I am going to dock my current workhorse at my desk at home and still have my iMac at work, so I am not walking away from those workflows. On the other hand, I am happily tied to various proprietary Windows applications, especially geospatial, which I often have to wait and work on when I am at home or run at reduced speed virtually.

    All of that said, here are the 5 finalists.

  • Macbook Pro 13″ – Dualbootable, compact size
  • Macbook Pro 15″ – screen real estate and dedicated graphics chip
  • Microsoft Surface Pro – tablets are just handy
  • Lenovo Yoga 13 – foldable and a touchscreen in one
  • Dell XPS 12 – interesting flippy screen
  • So, what are your thoughts? Share on the poll on the right of VerySpatial.

    South Sudan poll results

    With more than a month under its belt, South Sudan seems to be moving full speed ahead. There continue to be issues as expected with a new country, but growth seems evident as well. In July we asked you the question “What are your thoughts on South Sudan independence?” and 47 of you shared your thoughts based on the 4 options we provided:

  • About time (17%)
  • Hopeful (43%)
  • Concerned (26%)
  • South where? (14%)
  • To go along with the results, here is the UN admitting South Sudan.

    New Poll: South Sudan

    With South Sudan becoming independent, and the first new country in a while, there are a lot of questions coming up. We will leave the commentary to the talking heads but we are curious about your general thoughts on what is happening, and more importantly what will happen in the future, as South Sudan separates from Sudan. Head over to the website and take the poll over on the right hand side of the page.

    Earth Observation Day 2011

    Well the results are in for our most recent poll “What type of plans do you have for Earth Observation Day (April 8)?” With 17 responses, 18% are hosting an event, 6% are attending an event and 76% have no plans.

    Clearly we need to get folks a bit more involved in Earth Observation Day events next year.

    Old poll, new poll: March 2011

    Back in January we asked the question “Which Esri Tech Certification are you thinking about?” and we received 88 responses which broke down to:

  • ArcGIS Desktop Associate/Professional – 39%
  • Web Application Developer Associate – 8%
  • Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate – 1%
  • Enterprise Administration Associate – 1%
  • More than one – 14%
  • Not interested – 37%
  • Our new poll takes up to the sky and the sensors looking down on us. The question is “What type of plans do you have for Earth Observation Day (April 8)?” Your choice of answer is:

  • Hosting an event
  • Attending an event
  • No plans
  • New Poll – Esri Tech Certification

    As we mentioned a few weeks ago on the podcast, today (January 17) is the first day that you can register for the new Esri Technical Certification tests. At launch there are five options:

  • ArcGIS Desktop Associate
  • ArcGIS Desktop Professional
  • Web Application Developer Associate
  • Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate
  • Enterprise Administration Associate
  • with more to come later. Our new poll asks which certification category, if any you are interested in. If you want to share additional thoughts on this new certification please share them in the comments section below.

    A bit more information…the tests will be administered at Pearson Vue locations which means that there is probably a testing center in your country (if not multiple) and if you are in the US, there will definitely be options that are probably an hour or less drive. The tests are 90-95 questions which apparently take around two hours. There is no specific passing score apparently so you will have to wait a few days to receive email notification of your pass/fail results.

    New Poll – Remote Sensing

    As we begin to turn our attention to Remote Sensing for October we wanted to pose a new question and poll…

    Do you use remote sensing data?

    It is an intentionally broad question because there are now so many ways in which you can utilize RS data from image classification to 3D data creation to background layers. We will talk later in the month about the discipline of Remote Sensing versus remotely sensed data.

    New Poll – Favorite social media site

    We are all bouncing around between social media these days to keep up with friends, make new connections, and generally expand our personal network. VerySpatial has become a Twitter and Facebook house (office?), but we want to know what sites you prefer. As always, we are asking you for your favorite, and since some of you flit between sites or apps like dragonflies I am sure it will be a tough decision, but you can do it.

    Your choices are Facebook, Twitter, TheGISForum, Linked In, Ning, MySpace (admit it, some of you still use it), and other. If you choose other please email us the other social networking site.

    As for the old poll, we are sticking with the featured content on the front page since there was a pretty wide margin (65% vs 35%) to stick with the current interface.

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