Poll results: Jesse’s next portable

SurfaceProSo, I put my decision to the community and I think I have to disagree with the majority. Of the 65 responses the breakout was:

  • 8 votes for 13″ MacBook Pro (12%)
  • 18 votes for 15″ MacBook Pro (28%)
  • 24 votes for a Surface Pro (37%)
  • 11 votes for Lenovo Yoga 13 (17%)
  • 4 votes for Dell XPS 12 (6%)
  • As you can see from the image we already have a Surface Pro in the company with Sue’s preorder and first day acquisition. I like it, but while I want something portable I have decided that a 10″ desktop area is too small. It is great for apps, but I am not comfortable with traditional Windows applications at that size. On the other hand 12-13 inches seems doable and I want to cut down from my 15″ laptop from the last 6 years, especially since I have have access to brawny, large (multi)monitored desktops for when I need the power.

    Clearly the top two votes are out and the low vote, XPS 12, is currently in the lead. However, if something else comes out before I have the cash to upgrade this summer, my decision making will restart. On a side note, hopefully Sue will take a minute to share her thoughts on the Surface Pro in the near future.