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  • Inspiring

    This video was linked from a video I posted for class…my little schtick about ‘chapter 3’ seemed very underwhelming compared to the energy these teachers show.

  • Other podcasts…

    A couple of podcasts that I just came across on SoundCloud… A new podcast series is just around the corner entitled Placing Culture by Shaun Huston of Western Oregon University, […]

  • Power Portfolio 2015 ads

    This is not a post about Hexagon Geospatial’s Power Portfolio 2015 (we hope to have an interview about this year’s update in the coming weeks). Instead it is a post […]

  • Weather App That Will Navigate Around Weather

    Here’s a great use of LBS and I’m kinda surprised more navigation apps don’t have this built in – TurnCast will route you around weather events while you’re driving.  This can […]

  • Awesome student projects

    Students do some great projects. This one uses Windows Phone to do a little Geospatial Augmented Reality for a 4th year project. Awesome! With a little nod to Sue’s Windows […]

  • Scaling Up for Tourism

    It isn’t often in geography that you are able to get a 1:1 ratio on anything but a post this week by Luke Y. Thompson about the classic table top game […]

  • Build Your Own Cicada Sensor

    NPR had a  March story on “The Cicadas are Coming! Crowdsourcing An Underground Movement”  about the public’s involvement in predicting cicada emergence, and the time is now. If you live on […]

  • Rendered maps can still be awesome

    In a time when we have become jaded by something as awe inspiring as the time, technology, and $$$ behind creating 3D city models, it is nice to see something […]

  • Check out MinuteEarth

    The folks who brought us the awesome web video series MinutePhysics have released the first episode of MinuteEarth. I am super excited about the potential for the series based on […]

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