Tokyo’s N Building – Augmented Reality Architecture

Augmented Reality is one of those cool tech innovations that has been tantalizing us for years as the “Next Big Thing”, but the immense challenges in conceptualizing and implementing AR design and technology mean that actual AR applications are still pretty few and far between. Some exciting projects are out there and we’ve mentioned several of the iPhone and mobile apps, like Layar, that are taking the handheld approach to AR. A cool project out of Japan, the N Building in Tokyo, takes mobile AR to the next level. The building’s whole facade is part of the AR experience, as the windows are QR codes that contain information about what’s inside the building. A user can stand outside and point their mobile device (with the appropriate app installed of course) at the N building, snap a picture of one or more of the windows, and find out what’s inside, get info and specials for stores, and even see who’s tweeting inside and what they saying! The N Building is a collaboration between Terradesign and Qosmo.

N Building from Alexander Reeder on Vimeo.

Via Gizmodo

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