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Virtual Globes session at ISDE5

We have Bern Szukalski of ESRI, Bill Gail of Microsoft, Patrick Hogan of World Wind, Chuck Stein of Geofusion, and Brian McClendon of Google. Overall the discussion started off with general discussions on Digtial Earth and Virtual Globes from ESRI and Microsoft and has narrowed to detailed discussions of software from World Wind and GeoFusion, then finishing with a focus on KML from Google.

Questions: KML in VE…standard MS answer of maybe. GeoRSS in GE…simple Yes. NetCDF or other time knowledgeable data format…ESRI yes but not in AGX yet…others talk about time series viz. Efficiency in using Lat/Long for Virtual Globes, especially for the poles…there are issues, but check GeoFusions projection that addresses this issue…sometimes a globe isn’t the best way to go…Definitely check out GeoFusions square projection. Bathymetry question…WW, GF, and AGX yes…VE and GE not so much. Education, did GE leap into edu too quickly for a general choice…everyone wants to support education. Serious Games and VGs…NASA grants. Volumetric atmosphere data…some options already in each VG.

ArcGIS Server at ISDE5

Bern S. from ESRI is currently speaking at ISDE5 and showing off something that he apparently showed last week at Where 2.0 without much fanfare, but I have to wonder why it went by so quietly. He is showing ArcGIS Server apps running not only in ArcGIS Explorer, but also in Google Earth and Virtual Earth. While people have talked about rolling out your projects to multiple platforms, it is completely different to see data and geoprocessing services being accessed from multiple Virtual Globes. Apparently David Maguire was going to demo this during his presentation on Tuesday but had network issues.

AVSP Roadshow – ISDE5 – Day 03

Overview of ISDE5 including a short discussion of some of the keynote presentations from day three.

Click here to download ISDE5 Day 3 podcast

AVSP Roadshow – ISDE5 – Day 02

Second day overview of ISDE5 including a short discussion of some of the keynote and breakout presentations and a discussion with Patrick Hogan of NASA about World Wind.

Click here to download ISDE5 Day 2 podcast

ISDE5 – Education session 1

The education session at 2:00, focusing on spatial thinking, was interesting with an array of topics starting with ones that were very school focused and moving into areas where Digital Earth concepts can support education. I am going to save the other presentations for the audio, but I do want to point out that the 4th presentation was given by the folks from Elumenati who are using Elumens spherical visualization systems for educational use tieing immersion and scientific visualization. He made a great point kind of off handed that I latched on to and that I can not agree with enough…you have to get beyond the focus on technology to look at the content.

ISDE5 on Tuesday

Today we began with NASA, the Heinz Center, and a talk on the Polar Year. Good keynotes all, I, as may have been suspected, thought the NASA perspective was interesting, especially as the presenter has been at Ames for only a year. I had to meet someone, so I unfortunately missed the last presentation and the presentations after the coffee break on different uses of Virtual Globes in the real world for Mountain Top removal to the events in Darfur. This afternoon we are in break sessions that we will cover in today’s wrap up audio.

Keep an eye out for audio and videos on SpaceNavigator, WorldWind, The Carbon Project and others.

AVSP Roadshow – ISDE5 – Day 01

First day overview of ISDE5 including a short discussion of some of the keynote presentations.

Click here to download ISDE5 Day 1 podcast

Planet Action – geospatial engagement

This is a great example of what ISDE5 is all about. SPOT Image in conjunction with partners ESRI, Infoterra, and Unesco is presenting Planet Action which is a participatory/educational site that:

aims to support projects all around the world whether from scientific or civil origins, bringing these communities as well as various industries together in an effort to foster awareness and coping strategies

and will focus on an array of earth observation ideas. It has a great subtitle of “Spot the impacts, engage in action.” We missed the unveiling on Monday, but there is a press event of Thursday so we will try to get an interview then. Head over to the Planet Action site to find out more on your own.

Made it to ISDE5

After an ‘interesting’ travel day, Sue and I have made it to Berkeley for the fifth International Symposium on Digital Earth. We registered and are now in the plenary session for the general introductions from local to international organizers. The sessions run from today through Saturday morning and there are quite a few activities outside of sessions. If you are in the area I would definitely recommend coming down and checking it out…there are day rates for registration. We will be bringing you interviews and overviews throughout the week.

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