Micello – Mapping Indoor Spaces

As more and more mapping applications are being developed and releasing, we’re seeing a lot of innovative ways to utilize maps. Finding your way from point A to Point B, checking out real-time weather and traffic conditions, finding restaurants and services…. the list is getting longer every day. But one area that is still relatively untapped is mapping indoor spaces. One of the first applications I’ve seen is Micello’s new free iPhone application, which is now available for download from the iTunes store. Micello gave a preview of their indoor mapping app last fall, and generated quite a bit of buzz in tech news circles, and now the app is out in the wild. Most of the spaces included so far seem to be malls, but I’ve only had a little while to play with the app so far. Check out this preview of Micello Indoor Maps in action:

Via ReadWriteWeb

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  1. Joel

    This sounds very much like an existing app, Point Inside. I’ve tried both apps, and while they both have pros and cons, I think the edge goes to Point Inside on features, functionality, speed, and accuracy. I heard they also just released an Android version, too.

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