The Solar Human Hybrid Project – by an 8th Grader!

Anyway you do the math, the SOHH Project is one pretty cool ride.  The vehicle holds four people (plus a dog!) and cargo, and runs off solar and person power.  It can go upwards of 14 mph and is street legal, which isn’t too terrible for around the neighborhood travel.  The whole project was invisioned as a way to re-think transportation modes and methods… plus it was created by an kid in 8th grade (with adult help from his father)!  The site some pictures from the build process and a pretty good detail of the build process.  Most importantly, the vehicle features a GPS unit and the all important iPod dock.

2 Comments to The Solar Human Hybrid Project – by an 8th Grader!

  1. This is a great project! That kid created something worthwhile. With the right funding and materials, it could be pushed to be a more awesome kind of vehicle. Thanks!

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