Broadband Penetration by Country

As many long-time listeners will know, I exceptionally intersted in broadband adoption world-wide.  The US has long been behind the ball on broadband adoption and this latest report does nothing to reverse that trend.  The US is ranked 20th, behind even places like Singapore, Denmark, and even Estonia, all places I’m sure most Americans wouldn’t peg as being so technologically advanced relative to the US.  What is exceptionally intersting about this study is that they claim past reports have been using the wrong metric; that in fact the household is the better study unit rather than per capita.

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  1. Dane living in the US

    “Even places like Singapore, Denmark, and even Estonia”. Thanks for making mine and other peoples home country sound like 3rd world countries. You need to get out and about some more, and you would realize that the US is isn’t as great as the people here try to make it.

  2. Jesse

    Yeah, we keep Frank in the server room and don’t really let him out too often.

    However, the more observant response might have been that the fact that most US citizen’s don’t realize we are not a tech leader anymore is the issue. The prominence of the commercial interest over the social good in the US will continue to keep us playing catch up to country’s with smaller (and therefore generally more dynamic) populations.

    So Dane, is that an invitation to visit?

  3. Cosmic Charade

    That’s a typical American thing to say and probably why American businesses often struggle to do business in these ‘third world countries’ while their foreign competitors leave them light years behind. Reminds me of George Bush never having left the country before his presidency (explained a lot).

  4. beth

    I’m sorry, but have you ever been to Singapore? Denmark? Estonia? Singapore for one has a much better infant mortality rate than US, in fact it’s a very highly developed nation (income per capita: $38,972, as a matter of fact the wealthiest nation in Asia. According to the info by IMF published in 2008, Luxembourg leads the way in terms of income per capita, capping at $113, 044. The US is ranked 13th, behind the scandinavian countries) that is also among the most wired. And for your information, terms such as “first-world”, “second-world”, “third-world” do not apply anymore. We simply have two groups of countries, one “developed” and the other “developing”. But even then, many of these “developing” nations aren’t like what you might expect; although they have a lower income per capita in comparison to US or other western members of the OECD, many of them have relatively good health care, and provide relatively recent and modern technology available to the people living in the cities.

  5. Conrad

    Seriously, visit Singapore and you will quickly realise how ridiculous it is to imply that it’s less technologically advanced than the US

  6. Dana

    Singapore is really a broadband city — it is easy to cover the entire country with Broadband since it is a tiny country.

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