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US Foreclosure Heat Map

If you’ve been curious as to exactly how bad a problem this foreclosure business has become, perhaps this heat map might give you an idea of the severity and location. It’s published by RealityTrac and gives a good indication of county by county level data. However, sometime more interactive might be nice. Well, if you live in California, Foreclosure Radar provides a Google Map interface, but you have to subscribe to do anything useful. The USAToday published an interactive map of the Denver area to give an idea of how hard certain areas were hit. I hope we’ll see more and more of this type of mapping thing in the coming months, as this stuff if perfect for geographic analysis. Understanding the underlying geography to these massive housing failures might help us understand who to target to help mitigate some of these effects on certain areas.

2 thoughts on “US Foreclosure Heat Map

  1. It is interesting to see that many rural states, including the rural south have some of the healthiest housing markets in the country. Perhaps it’s because we still consider a house a place to live, not an investment that must have a constant double diget appreciation in value. Our houses are affordable, within the reach of the average wage earner, and have maintained a stable value over many decades.

  2. We have to revamp the whole system. It seems that the foreclosure crises is far from being over. I think that we all have to be proactive in this matter. I think more intervention is required.

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