Stonehenge gets the Photosynth treatment

You know I just love Photosynth (although I wish Microsoft would finally make it available in some form other than a technology preview), so I had to check out the video National Geographic has posted of Stonehenge as seen through Photosynth technology and photos by Rebecca Hale. Even in the short video, the virtual tour of Stonehenge is pretty cool and I’d really like to see the Stonehenge collection added to the Photosynth page so you can explore the collection on your own.

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  1. Adam Estrada

    Does anyone know when a commercial version of photosynth might be available? I have tried several scripts that provide similar functionality (like the one used in Panoramio) but they appear to be really cumbersome and hard to use. Lets push for Microsoft to release the thing already!!!

  2. AnonyMoose

    Well, it will have to be something other than Photosynth for me, so I’m not concerned about its release data. I won’t risk my data in a Microsoft format. I’m aware there are various panorama tools, but haven’t had need to try them yet; probably will after my field trip to the Rockies.

  3. Adam Estrada

    Yeah…we have seen an influx of apps that geotag still photos over a referenced surface. I really like this panorama-type functionality but fail to see where we could apply it to an every day GIS solution. I guess ultimately, I would like to develop something that acts sort of like the Street View capabilities in Google Maps.,-95.677068&sspn=32.335236,58.271484&ie=UTF8&ll=33.776793,-84.384098&spn=0.008276,0.014226&z=16&layer=c&cbll=33.772637,-84.384855&panoid=iBkVUIOqLzVnMhKqZJjyUg&cbp=1,274.66479199179406,,0,2.314364137588363

    This is really cool stuff but I would like to compile a panorama myself and have it act like Photosynth. BTW, I know what I am doing Nov. 17!!! Check out the link to see why, hehe…

  4. joan

    I love surfing the web!

    Yes you are right, making a photosynth is kind of a pain. For it to work correctly you have to take a ton of photos. To correctly synth a room you would have to take 100’s of photos.

    There is a technology that works a lot like street view, but much smoother. A company called neustep( They’ve done something pretty neat by offering an open platform that is free for hobbiest, non profits, and semi commercial version for freelancers. The technology that they developed is called a WebWalk. Currently I am in the beta user group for their debut. And i’m in love with their platform, and presentation. If you are interested in streeview and synth you’ll love neustep’s webwalk.


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