A Fond Farewell to White Hall…..

So, the day has finally arrived. We have begun the process of moving WVU’s Dept of Geology and Geography, including the GIS labs where we work, to our newly-renovated building which the university spent something like $28 million dollars on. It is a little bittersweet to leave White Hall, and a lot of great pioneering GIS academic work went on here for the last 15 years or so, and some pretty big names in GIS have visited or served as faculty in this building.

Our shiny new building and labs are great, though, and we’ll be settling in as soon as they get the door locks programmed, the Internet and LAN up and running, the furniture moved…….

As you might imagine, we may be a little light on the blogging again this week, but then we’ll be settled in our new lab and won’t have to travel again for at least a month, and maybe we can finally catch up!

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