World’s Coolest Screen Saver

twinglyThe folks over at Twingly (non-English site) have created what may be the world’s coolest screen saver. It basically reports blog activity around the world in real or near real time. Here’s the YouTube clip of the application working. I haven’t downloaded it (mostly because I can’t read what I believe to be Swedish), but it is a very interesting idea.

WARNING! The application links to a LOT of blogs, some of which contain very adult material (although not all by any means). Please be careful when clicking on any of the links to make sure you’re not opening anything you might find inappropriate.

Update (from Jesse): I downloaded it and it is, in fact, really cool (though unfortunately it is Windows only). The actual download page is in English. I even added the RPC connection to the VerySpatial blog so our posts will be showing up in the Twingly list too.

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  1. Martin Källström

    Thanks for the nice mention! Looks from your screen shot as if your browsing experience would benefit from installing the windows internationalization pack. Very happy to hear you think it’s cool. If you have any thoughts about improvements, send an email.

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