Electorial Geography Website Launches

Our friend Dr. Ken Martis, who we interviewed back in November on episode 68, sent us this link to the new Electoral Geography website that has just launched. Alexander Kireev seems to be the main person/contact at the site. I haven’t had time to look at the site in depth, but what I have seen is pretty nice. There’s a LOT of good data there for anyone doing anything with elections around the world. They seem to be following a “beg, borrow, or steal” philosophy as far as the data (which I wholly support!), so you might have to do a little massaging to get into a form you can easily use for analysis. The site would be perfect for any comparative studies in the field. It also features an articles section and a forums for discussion. I hope both geographers and political scientists use the site to try to collaborate more.

The site is still in beta and Alexander is encouraging people to send suggestions, so take a look and let them know what you think!

CORRECTION: Alexander Kireev’s co-creator Alexey Sidorenko made a comment pointing out that he is also keenly involved in the electoral geography website. My sincere apologies to Alexey for leaving him out in the original post, especially considering the great work the two of them are doing for the electoral studies field.

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