300,000,000 Served

An interesting milestone is about to happen in the US. Somewhere on or about October 17th, the US population will have surpased 300,000,000 people. The US is the third most populous country on the planet (behind China and India). The last big milestone was 200 million, which we hit in 1967, and then 100 million back in 1915. So our rate of increase is, well, increasing. Of course there’s no way to know for certain if October 17th is the lucky day, but its a safe bet by years end, we’ll have hit lucky number 3 million!

6 Comments to 300,000,000 Served

  1. Interesting post. We are indeed the third largest nation in population, and we have been since the Soviet Union disbanded. But no, our rate of increase is not increasing.

    The U.S. population was a little over 150 million in 1950, which means it took over 56 years to double. You cited 200 million in 1967 and 100 million in 1915, which means the population doubled in that span of 52 years. Before 1915, the time to double is significantly shorter than 52 years.

    So our rate of increase is, well, decreasing. It is also quite slower than the world’s population growth–world population doubles about every 35 years.

  2. The arrival of the U.S population exceeding 300 million is cause not for concern or alarm but is a sign of a healthy American society and economy. Although there may be immigration problems to deal with and an additional environmental impact to consider, we need only to look at the consequences of declining populations in countries such as Japan and the former Soviet Union. Other parts of Europe such as Greece, Italy, and Spain have replacement level birth rates at historically low levels. So, while concerns of a rapidly growing population are not without merit, it is also wise to consider the alternatives.

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