Coolest Periodic Table ever

Lucite Periodic TableI am continuing my cool stuff posts with the most amazing 3D periodic table of elements. Since the earth and everything on it are made of up these elements, I figured it is in fact geography-related. Each element in the periodic table is represented by a clear lucite block with a sample of the element embedded inside. For dangerous or ephemeral elements, the sample is replaced by a symbol or a photo of the person the element was named after. The periodic table is assembled by stacking the blocks in their appropriate location to create the 3D display. You can also buy a lovely illuminated frame to hold the blocks. Now, again, such lovely items do not come cheap, as the large size set of blocks complete with illuminated frame will run you over $17,000US. Still, it would be worth if I had that kind of money just lying around. Apparently the company, Theodore Gray, did their first installation at DePauw University in Indiana So, if you are at DePauw, head over to the new Julian Science and Math Center and take a look, then send us some photos or email us with your thoughts on whether it is, in fact, the coolest periodic table around.

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