Air Pollution Monitoring Via….Pigeons

Who knew avians could be so high tech? A new study of real-time air pollution is being undertaken using, of all things, pigeons. Little monitors are strapped to the backs of the pigeons and data is beamed back to Earth and published on the web in real time. Apparently the data will be available in blog format for anyone to see/use.

I’m pretty proud of the work we do here at Very Spatial, but I’m not sure we can compete with a Pigeon Blog. That’s just too cool.

2 Comments to Air Pollution Monitoring Via….Pigeons

  1. It’s not really fair of the article to compare a $250 monitoring device with the $20,000 fixed location sampling station. Generally, it takes that kind of expensive fixed location equipment to get an accurate reading. Kinda like the difference between using your TomTom vs. an RTK Trimble. Cheaper devices, like these, tend to work as alarms for people working in potentially hazardous environments, but are in no way useful if you’re trying to establish human health effects from air sampling.

    The idea is cool, though.

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