• LightSquared to Impact 75% of GPS Receivers…. maybe

    Here’s some bad news for LightSquared – looks like their system will negatively impact the overwhelming majority of GPS receivers currently in operation, based upon a leak of a test […]

  • Galileo taking the stage

    While this week’s launch of two of the satellites for the Galileo constellation there has been quite a bit of information ramping up for the yet unusable system. BUT with […]

  • Adjusting the Nut Holding the Wheel

    I really like that quote. The good folks at the Center for Environmental Research Technology (CERT) at the University of California have been engaged in researching new fuel efficiency technology. […]

  • Team Garmin-Cervelo

    I get to make a cheesy statement here about how Garmin-Cervelo race team has found their way to the top in August with Garmin, but I think the picture on […]

  • NYC BigApps Winner

    Laurie Segall’s article for CNN Money, “Bloomberg opens NYC data to entrepreneurs” announces the winner of this years NYC Bigapps using NYC public data sets. This year’s winner out of […]

  • Just Give Me the Address…

    I know, another xkcd comic, but I just couldn’t resist:

  • Webscape on geocaching

    The BBC’s Webscape video show recently took a look at, sadly the video isn’t embeddable, so you will have to head over to their sight to take a look.

  • Apple serious about location privacy

    In my infinite Apple fanboyishness I am going through the iPhone OS 4.0 keynote video from earlier today. A couple of nice things that will be rolling to your iPhone/iPod […]

  • Leica Zeno

    There was a press release back in late February that I just came across from the folks at Leica Geosystems which caught my attention, partially due to the product, partially […]

  • Ashtech GPS solutions

    You remember that not too long ago Magellan split itself up between Magellan and Magellan Professional selling off its consumer name and division to GPS powerhouse MiTAC (makers of the […]

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