WWII Escape Maps, Monopoly, and Ebay

ABC News has a revisited the story of escape maps and tools hidden inside Monopoly games during WWII. According to the article, “The British secret service conspired with the U.K. manufacturer to stuff a compass, small metal tools, such as files, and, most importantly, a map, into cut-out compartments in the Monopoly board itself.” A very cute story about what happened to RAF escape maps after WWII is a picture in the book, “To The End Of The Earth” by Jeremy Hardwood, which shows women in 1945 buying a maps as scarves. A more in-depth story is in the book “The Game Makers: The Story of Parker Brothers, from Tiddledy Winks to Trivial Pursuit”. The Ebay U.K. site has many silk-printed escape maps for sale on their website.

2 Comments to WWII Escape Maps, Monopoly, and Ebay

  1. CHECK OUT THE NEW BOOK : “The Monuments Men” : Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Treasure Hunt In History – By : Robert Edsel

  2. I have an origional monoply map framed in great condition. whats it worth? thanks.


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