ArcGIS on a Microsoft Surface

We talked a little bit about how we saw Autodesk using MS Surface devices and HP Touch computers in our coverage of AU’08 back in December, and we were excited by the tech. ESRI’s new Applications Prototype Lab recently posted a few sample videos of eight apps that are built using ArcObjects ArcGIS API for WPF for use on an MS Surface. Sue may be especially in the sample built using XNA and the Globe Control (below) that incorporates some of the ideas that she has been waiting on me to work on (pesky dissertation). I have been trying to figure out how to get the $15,000 for a Surface for a while and the examples have just bumped up that search. If you would like to support my effort to get one of these for research and classroom use please send an email to 🙂

2 thoughts on “ArcGIS on a Microsoft Surface

  1. Actually most of the new videos are not ArcObjects, but using the new ESRI WPF API (no ArcObjects at all)

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