More VR CAVE demos – our XNA virtual landscape application

I have really slacked off on the postings on the blog while I work on my research stuff, but I’ve finally got some pictures of my XNA virtual world application up and running in the VR CAVE at WVU. We had to do some tweaking because XNA is DirectX-based, so it runs on a separate setup from the Conduit and doesn’t affect that configuration. The demo that you see in the photos is our Virtual Morgantown project, and we are slowing filling out the landscape by re-texturing all of our 350+ SketchUp models that were used in the 1st generation ArcScene project, and then exporting them to .FBX for use in the XNA application. So far, it’s running great, and we’ve already created several small scenes and even have weather particle systems running. Everyone’s favorite so far is the snowy Morgantown landscape!

Just a reminder that the CAVE utilizes stereo 3D, so the photos are a little blurry because they show the double images that are drawn to give the stereo effect.


Closeup XNA in CAVE

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