Checking out Google Earth in the CAVE

Our GIS Day Open House at Brooks Hall on the WVU Campus gave the public a chance to come in and try out our CAVE installation. It was a hit, and we had lots of people come by, including students, faculty from other departments at the university, and several staff members from a local engineering firm. One of the most popular features for visitors was the CAVE’s Conduit for Google Earth, which allows us to display Google Earth in stereo in the immersive environment. We explored a couple of 3D cities and even the new Ancient Rome project that was recently added and looks really cool.

Here is one of the photos I snapped during the Open House (The offset double images you see on the CAVE walls are for the stereo effect)

One Comment to Checking out Google Earth in the CAVE

  1. Wow, I wish that I could come check this out! Looks like a great way to engage the community, and raise some buzz about geospatial technology on GIS Day.

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