The Virtual Forbidden City is now live!

You may remember our interview with John Tolva (back in Episode 51) who has worked on some amazing projects with IBM, and now has debuted The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time. This project is exactly the kind of things we are working on in our research, and I have been waiting to finally get a chance to see it live.

The virtual Forbidden City is an online virtual world that recreates China’s Forbidden City, the historical home of Chinese emperors in Beijing. It combines some really nice graphics in representing the physical landscape with historically appropriate avatars, such as imperial guards or civil servants. Users can choose their avatar and then begin exploring the Forbidden City. In addition to being able to interact with other users, there is also embedded historical information that help tell the story of the Forbidden City.

I’ve already signed up, but the virtual Forbidden City does have some hardware requirements that my sad old laptop can’t deal with, so I will be downloading the app as soon as we’re back in Morgantown and I will have a more detailed review as soon as I get a chance to really try it out.

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