Who Loves Nine Inch Nails – Google Earth knows

The band Nine Inch Nails has posted a cool new visualization of the 1,400,000 downloads of their latest album, The Slip, that they have released as a KML file. The data represents individual downloads directly from their site, and it’s is a cool way of seeing where those Nine Inch Nails fans really are. I’d love to see other bands do the same with their downloads.

Jesse added: Keep in mind that the 10 song version of The Slip is free and available directly from the NIN website so Trent R. and the gang have a wealth of information from server logs that no one, with the possible exception of Radiohead, has in terms of seeing where their tunes are being downloaded. It makes it pretty clear where NIN should focus their live shows.

One Comment to Who Loves Nine Inch Nails – Google Earth knows

  1. This is awesome. It’s not only beautifully, it’s also proving one thing. GIS can be simple and Map mashups can be meaningful. It took 3 lines in your article to show how to monetize this mashup. A concept that SO many companies find yet very difficult to understand…

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