TvTrip – find a hotel on the map and see it on video

OK, now I know there are a lot of sites out there that map hotel and lodging information for trip planning, but I just had to do a quick post (while we’re packing up our lab for the move) about TvTrip, a European travel site that not only maps hotels in several major cities in Europe, but also offers you the opportunity to watch videos of the hotels. It also has a cool slider bar for you to set your price range. It’s actually a pretty cool idea and, if other sites haven’t picked up on the idea, I’m sure they will be soon. All I do know is, the movers are coming to get our computers and desks to move to our new building on Monday, and I have spent half the afternoon watching videos of hotels in Berlin and Madrid. Oh well. TvTrip only seems to have 5 cities right now: London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, and Berlin, but if you’re traveling to any of those cities, you might want to check it out.

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