Virtual Worlds 2007 Fall conference

We recently had a chance to talk to Chris Sherman, the organizer of the Virtual Worlds 2007 conference taking place this week in New York. He mentioned that the conference had come together in a really short time, just a couple of months, but had gotten a lot of interest. In fact, the conference sold out the venue, with 600 attendees. With all the interest and buzz surrounding virtual worlds, that’s probably not a surprise.

We just got an announcement from Chris that a second conference, Virtual Worlds Fall, will be held October 10-11th, in San Jose, California. So, if you didn’t get a chance to attend the New York conference, you might want to look into the new conference. No info is up yet on the conference web page, but there will be an upcoming press release and email notification list.

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  1. There are two interviews with Sibley Verbeck and Jerry Paffendorf from The Electric Sheep Company taped at last weeks conference where they spoke about such topics as Machinima, Digital Rights, Life Blogging, The Electric Sheep company and of course Second Life.

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