I’m not exactly sure how this plays out in less populated areas, but I like the idea. Placeblogger is an attempt to create blog/web communities in local areas. As the page says, “Placeblogs are sites devoted to a particular neighborhood, city, town, or region. They’re watercoolers for local discussion, a place to find out where to eat or a reliable plumber, or talk about the news of the day.” Right now, there is only six places listed for West Virginia and none in our specific area. Hopefully that will change if the idea takes off.

I really like the tagline though: “towards an annotated world with blogs, wikis, forums, maps…”

Via Boing-Boing

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  1. Thanks! I agree about the potential for un-evenness. But we’ll just have to see what happens. I’m very interested in mapping, so I’m now subscribed to your feed and I’ll be listening and reading with interest.

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