Click a Map, Call that Business

Min Zeng over at the Google Maps team posted an interesting blog post/feature announcement. They’ve added a feature where you can store your phone number in your google account, search for a store in Google Maps, then click on the map to have google call the store and your phone at the same time, no charge. That’s a pretty cool feature to add and just the tip of a the potential iceberg, I think. However, it does bring up important data issues. I know in our town, Google still says there is a fast food restaurant in the middle of town that went away under the first President Bush’s administration. This affects me on a personal level in that I happen to have the old phone number of a local auto parts store, which drives me crazy most Saturday mornings. These sorts of issues can only be resolved with better local data. I’m honestly curious if a top down approach can be reasonably manageable, particularly in fairly rural areas.