UK town tests Augmented Reality system for local planning

The town of Burnley Wood in the UK has become a test bed for a new system that will help local residents visualize how proposed development will change what their town looks like. The Augmented Reality Interactive Environment System (ARIES) consists of a 3D representation of what the area will look like following the planned multi-million pound redevelopment project, loaded onto GPS-enable handheld devices. Residents are then able to move around and see what that specific location will look like. In addition, residents are also able to use the handhelds to record comments and notes as they are walking around. The test is part of the Elevate East Lancashire project, which

There has been a lot of research into using GIS and geospatial technologies for participatory local decision making, and the Burnley Wood test of the ARIES system is just one of an increasing number of examples of how these technologies can be used to help local communities.

Via Burnley Citizen