Map of the Key 2006 US Political Races

MSNBC has a pretty nice google map of the key political races of 2006 for the US. If you want to learn where the really contentious House, Senate, and Gubernatorial races are happening, they’ve ranked them on the left hand side from most likely to flip parties to least likely. As you can see by their default view, the really hot races center around the eastern seaboard. They also link to information about each race and candidate, which can help those of you still undecided in some of these races research the candidates better. We’ll probably have some sort of special episode on election day to follow these races, so look for that in the future!

If you haven’t done so already, please register to vote! Don’t that registering is only half the action – you gotta go out and actually pull the lever (or punch the chad or tap the screen or whatever system your district uses) on election day!

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  1. steve lombardi

    A summer intern built this app I think. I’m glad he didn’t use google maps 😉 if you’re ever unsure, try holding down the center mouse button and dragging

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