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Life on Mars…..?

Honestly, we just don’t know. Apparently the basis of most of our belief in the lack of life on Mars might be bad data. The Viking Mars Mission from 30 years ago flew close enough to Mars to see if it could remotely detect signs of life. Apparently scientists have reproduced the technology the Viking mission used and tested it in remote regions of Earth. Their findings show that Viking wouldn’t have found life on Earth using the technology it employs in similar climate regions when clearly there is life on Earth in those regions. Does that mean there is life on Mars? Nope, not necessarily. All we can say is that the Viking Mission employed techniques that wouldn’t have found signs if there were any life on Mars. Hopefully the 2009 mission will help decide once and for all this age old question.

2 thoughts on “Life on Mars…..?

  1. The question is not whether there IS life on Mars, but whether the conditions HAS been so that it could support life, and secondary if there actually was life at that time, given the right conditions. It all boils down to one important question: Is life on earth a freak incident, or is life a natural follower under the right conditions?

  2. well, i certainly agree , with Morten, well morten i agree it is not if there is life on mars, iam taking a biology class which has taught me some interesting facts about life in general such as abt how important carbon and oxygen (which i obviusly knew abt) and like nitrogen and other biological stuff like that.. so if u do know any such conditions that u feel can be inportant please dont hesitatte in writing me an email and letting me know as iam really interested and had an heated converation with my biology teacher , since i was trying to ask some things and she didnt know.. you know how that is so if u can please email me


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