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When Sue first mentioned Weblo to me last week it seemed kind of cool. Weblo is a site that lets you buy virtual property, but unlike most games, Weblo is selling properties that exist in the real-world (and real-world celebrities, which I find creepy). The problem for me is that there isn’t a user interface that I can find outside of the webpage itseld. I set up an account I went merrily around the site looking for a link to images of places or a map interface, but nothing. I looked into buying a property and saw that YOU have to provide an image of your properties. With the amount of money they had to have put into this thing there are so many things they could have done to go beyond the underwhelming project it appears to be.

Hopefully I will figure it out and it will make sense since the concept itself is great, the implementation seems to be lacking in its first few days at least.


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  1. I now own Grand Junction, CO, Waipahu, HI, the Colorado State Capitol Building, the Mall of America, JICPAC, and my parents’ house!

    I love Weblo!

    There are some bugs, sure, but the concept is awesome!


  2. The site is slow (for now), but i own most of the famous properties in Sydney, Australia!

    Sydney Opera House
    Sydney Aquarium
    Taronga Zoo
    Sydney Olympic Park
    Cargo Bar
    Sydney Wildlife World
    Australia Zoo (thats the crocodile hunters zoo) (RIP Steve)

    and i even bought Lords Cricket Ground & Stone Henge!
    I manage the Supermodel Gemma Ward, and bought domain names like adultshop.com!

    It’s great, but until there are more peopl and a faster system. its a little limitating!

    Ps. get in quick before all the cheap property is gone!

  3. I love this game too. If this is the ground floor then I can’t wait to see what the penthouse looks like. “Top of the world, Ma…^0^

    click my weblink to get on top of the WebloWorld too [:o)>

  4. Hi Jesse, everyone!

    I am Ryan, The Community Manager at Weblo.com.

    The idea behind Weblo is that it’s part game, part social networking site. It’s a game involving buying, selling, collecting and increasing your ranking. Everything you own can be turned into a website that you drive more traffic to, increasing your share of the ad revenue and thus increasing its sale price (if you decide to sell that is!).

    Think of it like Monopoly with the social element done through Myspace-like websites. In the press people are saying Weblo is like “Monopoly meets Ebay.� I think that is a good comparison. You can build your website like any other website and pull in ad revenue, focus on flipping properties or do a little of both. So basically, a lot of what you and others are already doing online can be done on Weblo.com, but this time you get to share in the wealth as Weblo will give you a percentage of the ad revenue. Even a basic member (which is free) can build a fan site for their favourite celebrity or their next door neighbour and by making the site popular through content and its ranking, can earn 10% of all ad revenue. Weblo supplies the ads as well, so it’s pretty easy to get started.

    Does that help at all?

  5. Well its a nice thing i have ever seen. A place where you get almost all opportunities of internet world. Buy selling and generating revenue at your assets registered with this website is a great thing at all. Jesse i hope you got clear with the explanation of Mr. R. Bastien.

  6. my teachers wont let us get on it . i think it is really educational and i think my teachers are missing the point and now they have blocked it on the computors at school it stinks!!!!!! i really like it and the only place i can get on it is at school during my free time because my sister goes on the computor at home!

  7. Well Desiree’, its not good that u give time to entertainment like this in school. Keep studying there because its your first obligation. Secondly i would prefer that you should divide time with your sister at home and keep using it at home. Be a great Weblo’er! Thanks

  8. Hi Friends,
    Hows your weblo experience going on. Guy’s yesterday i was skimming through some newspapers yesterday and read a lot of stuff regarding your favorite weblo.com website. Lot of news at those papers were directing that weblo is going to be a great hit of this era. The company owning this business has launched some marketing strategies and campaigns all around the world. More details u can find from media center page at following URL.
    Listen CEO ROCKY’S Interview.

  9. untill the 25 sptember I made more thant 300$ US…No bank can me make that kind of money.So for me Weblo its great imagine in a couple of mounth……

  10. Weblo is no more gambling than domain name speculation is. There is no random chance element involved. Site development is a matter of selection skill, research and presentations.

    There are those of you who have responded that this is a pyramid scheme. In answer to this I am posting the following commentary.

    Weblo is a relatively young site, with an interesting revenue model, but it is far from having reached its full potential.

    It is also significantly different than a pyramid scheme, and those who see it that way are looking at it on a very superficial level, and are perhaps not visionary enough to see the long term potentials of the site and what is being built there.

    This is exactly the sort of game/internet social experience that a lot of adults will find to be an entertaining and immersive internet experience, a more sophisticated and appealing social site than myspace, facebook or twitter which is largely associated with a younger, less affluent demographic.

    Personally, I enjoy the game immensely, and feel that there are excellent long term potentials as well as an intrinsic entertainment value.

    Whether weblo becomes ultimately profitible or proves to be nothing more than a casual hobby, does not overly concern me as I enjoy the game on its own merits. However, I think the game does have potential, and I feel it will evolve considerably over the next year or so.

    I do feel fortunate to be involved early enough to have a wide range of selections available that suit my interests, although I am certain I would be enjoying the game if I entered it a year later. Though, admittedly some of the higher potential opportunities will be more difficult to pursue at that time, I know that I would find a niche that interested me even at that point.

    Ultimately, I feel it will be a successful business model, and am encouraged that other sites are taking the advertising sharing model seriously enough to use as the basis for their own designs.

    So call it what you want, but I wouldn’t say that calling it a pyramid scheme is an accurate assessment. Its much more far reaching both in terms of the economic model and range of appeal than many of you are giving the game credit for.

    Like all new ventures and business models, it will be greeted with skepticism from some quarters, but it is unique enough and well managed enough that many people will not grasp its true potentials until it becomes a cultural phenomenon.

    My prediction is that the site is going places, is a viable revenue model and has a significant future on the internet

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