NYC Subway By Smell

The sense with the greatest memory is said to be your sense of smell. A mere whiff of something can take you back decades. Unfortunately, there haven’t been too many technologies that have bridged the smell gap. You kinda have to smell the real deal to get the real effect. The good folks over at Gawker are trying to take a few baby steps into smell technology with their new NYC Subway Smell Map! No, you don’t get to actually smell what’s in the NYC subway (this ain’t smell-o-vision folks). But they do have a handy dandy legend where people can take certain subway stops with certain classifications of smells. So if you’re in the NYC area and have a hankerin for that effervescent combo of vomit, urine, and poo, you now know you can hit the Canal St Subway stop to get your fix!

Via Boing Boing

2 Comments to NYC Subway By Smell

  1. Mapping NYC Subway by smell…

    The New York City Subway map has been annotated according to smell by visitors to the website. This is a bit of a stinky mashup of NY, and it’s amusing that the only smells recorded at Flushing Ave station……

  2. Maybe it’s because I live there, but I never found the subways to smell that bad (although they look like they would).

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