Blue Planet Globe – for the geographer who has everything

Blue Planet GlobeI admit I am an HGTV junkie, especially the show called “I Want That!”. This past weekend’s episode included the Blue Planet Globe, from The Science Source

Here is the compelling description from the HGTV website:

The Blue Planet Globe is a dramatic rotating, illuminated globe that accurately depicts the seasons as they unfold around the world. Slowly spinning inside its sleek tinted case, it creates a mesmerizing view of Earth as seen from outer space. The mechanism design is based on an astronomically true formula and lets you see in 6-minute intervals the changing pattern of sunlight falling over each hemisphere during the year.

Now, as I watched the demo of the Blue Planet Globe in the lovely make-believe living room, I thought to myself that clearly I must have one of these, until I saw the $850 price tag! Now, for those of us with a more limited budget, The Science Source does have a much less expensive ($75) Season Modelling Globe which does the same thing but without the full smokey acrylic case.

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