AVSP Calendar in GeoTagThings

I saw the link to GeoTagThings.com on SlashGeo and had the idea to make a map of our calendar, linking to the conference web page. I have dumped out a KML from the site for Google Earth which I will keep up to date and will use for a mash-up in the near future, but until then go check it out in Google Earth.

My 2 complaints so far are:

  • I can’t figure out how to contact the site admins
  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit or delete items from your feed (see complaint 1)
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    1. hey, jesse… thanks for posting your comments. I’m sorry that the contact info wasn’t clear enough on the site. If you would give me an email, that would be awesome! We’re working really hard on making things better, and the delete function should be working within the next day or so. Also, within the next week or something, we’ll finally have tags in there (what, we launched a web 2.0 app without tags… gasp) so you can tag your calendar stuff with ‘veryspatial’ or something, and then you can still tag other things without it interfering with that feed. email: will dot carter at gmail dot com

    2. Hi Jesse


      Since VerySpatial also support GeoRSS export, it may be possible to do some time based visualization and navigation of your calendar.

      For example, this quick demo shows Upcoming.org GeoRSS in a worldKit map, with timenav.



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