Mumbai, India deploys GIS and GPS for police operations

There are many examples of how quickly geospatial technologies are being adopted around the world, especially in the rapidly-growing countries of Asia. This article from The Times of India discusses the deployment of GIS and GPS technology in the main control room for the Mumbai , India police force.

4 thoughts on “Mumbai, India deploys GIS and GPS for police operations

  1. Better late than never. The technology is in use in developed countries for many years. It would increase the working efficiency of mumbai police which is already having shortage of man power. Automation is the key to success in crime control and GIS for data base management and correct analysis is the ideal tool for Police. For controlling the mounverability of vehicles and crime locations and timely intimation to mobile vans GPS would be an added advantage to control crime.Timely response can save many lives and technological upgradation of Police Forces is the essence to control the highly knolwedgable ctiminals and terrorists. All credit to Mumbai Police and ministry of home affairs for clearing this project.

  2. thank u to the person who suggested that gis be used in everday activities by the Mumbai police.
    it’ll make things work faster n more efficiently.

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