AAG 2010 – Where we will be

Howdy! We will be traveling and conferencing over the next few days in Washington, DC at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers. If you will be there presenting or just hanging out grab us and say ‘hello’, or better yet grab us and tell us (and our microphones) what you are doing at the conference. As for us, this is where we will be presenting during the week. Click the title below to get location and time details.

Jesse – 12:40 Poster Session – It’s OK to play with your data: Exploring local data to find new questions
Barbara – 12:40 Paper Session – Geography, Geovisualization, and the New “New Journalism”
Sue – 2:40 Poster Session – It’s All About the Journey: the role of spatial narrative in the experience of immersive virtual world simulations

Jesse, Jeff Dunn, Frank, Sue and YOU – 8AM Panel Session – Digital Media and Learning in Geography
Frank – 12:40 Paper Session – A geography of taste: fair trade coffee and spatialized tag clouds