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Autodesk’s Project Dragonfly

Autodesk has a pretty cool new toy – Dragonfly!  The program is an online CAD like tool that allows you to map interior spaces.  You can use it to get an idea of how a room decoraction is going to go, or possiblly what can be done with a remodel.  Perhaps best of all, you can project between a 2D top down view and a 3D rendering of the room with just one button click.  The tool is fast and fairly easy to use.  I used it to figure out how to finish my currently unfinished basement (image below).  I wanted a big open space, but a bedroom, bath, and storage room down there.  Playing around with Dragonfly helped me figure out the porportions, ’cause I didn’t really know how big a bathroom needed to be.  If you get a chance to play with it, give it a whirl!