Broadband Providers Teaming to Outlaw Community Broadband in NC

I should start by saying I’m not even going to pretend to not be biased on this issue.  The community of Wilson, NC decided that they were tired of paying so much for so little with regard to broadband and cable.  So what’s an industrious community who’s tired of their contractor to do?  Well do it there darn self, that’s what.  Turns out they offered a better product for less than either major cable company could.  So what’s a cable company to do?  Lobby the state legislature to make that type of stuff illegal!  Personally, I’m a big supporter of community broadband, especially in markets where the cable companies don’t want to complete.  I find this trend rather flustrating and disappointing.  I understand the point about private/public competition, but if the private isn’t willing to compete, why should the public be prohibited by law from doing so?