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Geography of a Recession

The New York Times has a nice interactive map (flash based) of unemployement rates by county.  It shows that areas with housing booms, lots of manufacturing, and high existing unemployment got hit the hardest this last year, which isn’t a huge suprise.  However, you can use the map to see some regionalization to this stuff.

2 thoughts on “Geography of a Recession

  1. Surprisingly the uk economy shrank a further 0.4% between July and September (the last quarter that there are figures for), so the end of the downturn is a long way off yet – another 6 months at least i reckon, its the longest recession since records began 50 years ago and it wont be till years later the economy and property market recovers, it was’nt until the late 90’s that the property market recovered after the 89/90 recession.

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