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The Map Room: Geotagging Roundup

A nice little note on Geotagging.

The Map Room: Geotagging Roundup

Lidar on Mars

Continuing my obsession with extra terrestrial use of geospatial technologies, here is a quick article on Lidar for use on Mars National Post

Off topic, but I had to

Backstory: I bought Konfabulator a month ago…a great program that lets you use desktop widgets with Windows (hurry to Intel, Apple!)…

Action: Yahoo! bought the parent company 2 weeks ago and will be releasing the next version as freeware

Result: The company is refunding the purchase to anyone who bought the current version! So cool!!

Back to topic: I am guessing that Yahoo will tie a widget to Yahoo Maps…in fact it wouldn’t be too hard to tie a widget to Google Maps now…hmmmm 🙂

Go now and download Konfabulator and lots of widgets. Good stuff…uh-huh.

Cool Uses for Google Maps

Another set of links to some of the many Google Map hacks Diggs, Deals, & Google: Cool Uses for Google Maps

Show notes for AVSP Episode 02

VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – July 31, 2005


A Very Spatial Podcast – Episode 2

Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth: The progress of Web Mapping.

zipdecode map (originally on

This is a fun little tool. Make sure to use the zoom function to really enjoy it 🙂

zipdecode | ben fry

CNET News article on Google Maps

Here is an article from CNET news yesterday that includes some quotes from Lars Rasmussen, the lead engineer of the Google Maps project, who was speaking at a conference on Web engineering.

A nice tool from NASA

Near real-time tracking of the ISS and satellites at NASA – Science@NASA J-Track 3D

Google: “Take browsers to the limit”

Take browsers to the limit: Google: ZDNet Australia: News: Software

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