• avsp howto videocast

    I am thinking about putting together a series of 5 minute howto videocasts for beginners. These would be screen grabs and voice overs of common computer related activities in Geography […]

  • Magic in the Muggle World: The Marauder’s Map

    By: Jesse, November 14, 2005 With only a few days left before the release of the 4th movie in the Harry Potter series, The Goblet of Fire, I thought it […]

  • How we put together the podcast

    This is the first of 2-3 columns I am going to write on how we put the podcast together. The column is primarily on the more technical aspects (equipment & […]

  • Geographic Musings – One Map to Rule Them All…

    Frank has provided us with our second column entitled “One Map to Rule Them All…”, his views on the background of webmaps.

  • One Map to Rule Them All

    By: Frank, September 17, 2005 Maps are cool. Geographers have known this for years. The rest of the world is just figuring this out. Stuff has a spatial relationship to […]

  • The VerySpatial Classroom 01: Geography Matters

    By: Jesse, August 19, 2005 This is the first installment of The VerySpatial Classroom, a column on intended to provide information on, and answer questions regarding, Geography and geospatial […]

  • webmapper review of Mapping Hacks

    Edward Mac Gillavry, over at, has a review of Mapping Hacks. I haven’t read it since I still haven’t finished going through it to write my own review. I […]

  • Column…the first

    Our first column, an introduction to our VerySpatial Classroom column, is now up. This column will probably be a monthly posting for the foreseeable future and it should be joined […]

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