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A decade later…

So, our first blog post went up on 12 July, 2005 and our first full podcast went up on 24 July 2005. I think I will just go with silent reflection instead of long post. However, since we aren’t recording Episode 523 until Saturday morning, we may reflect less silently then…who knows.

Thanks for listening whether you have been with us since the beginning or are just coming to podcasts!

Last episode of the AAC version

As mentioned in a post back in June, we will not release the AAC version of the podcast after Episode 522 and we will only release the podcast as an mp3. Most of you subscribe to the mp3 version anyway, but for those subscribed to the AAC version I will update the AAC feed to point to the mp3 feed on Wednesday or Thursday. There should be no interruption to your podcast subscription (fingers crossed), but there is a chance that your podcast reader/player will see the new feed as a new podcast and download a few of the previous episodes. Apologies for any inconvenience and as always, thanks for listening to the podcast!

Updates and changes at VerySpatial

With the 10th anniversary episode just a month away I thought I would let you know about a few items that are coming up.


  • Beginning in August we are switching back to mp3 distribution only. We added the AAC feed to deal with issues that some listeners were having with the mp3 files we were generating back in 2006 or ’07. I feel confident that our current export process is generating a standardized mp3 that should be readable across the board. In addition, I haven’t been able to spare the time to create chapter breaks in the AAC files for a few months (years?). This means that the only technical reason to offer an AAC feed isn’t being utilized and even just creating the AAC without chapters adds-on to my weekly production schedule. For those subscribed to the AAC feed I will point the AAC RSS feed to the mp3 feed so you shouldn’t have to do anything to continue to receive the podcast.
  • The podcast and blog content has been provided under a Creative Commons license since we started, but we have never updated the licensing. In August we are shifting to the current CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0. Not much of a change in terms of what you can do with the podcast, but it makes me happy to update from 2.5 to 4.0. All existing/archived content from the last decade will shift to the updated license.
  • Website

  • I tried to update the site before we hit Episode 500…it clearly didn’t happen. I plan to take a couple of days in mid-July to move us over to a new WordPress Theme that will maintain the blog as more of an archive and focus primarily on the podcast since that is the content we are generating. I will make sure that the RSS feed still picks up all posted material so those accessing VerySpatial through RSS shouldn’t have to make any changes.
  • We are looking for new contributors and interns to help us with site content (columns, posts, reviews, etc) and podcasts (guests, interviews, etc). If you are interested, please shoot me an email. We are still contemplating what to do after July, so jump in and share your thoughts.
  • Taking a break

  • Finally, we may take the month of August off. Not a definite, but a strong possibility. More in July as we make decisions. You have to admit that I am due a break after editing around 700 podcasts in 10 years (weekly, conference, special episodes, and video podcasts). I should probably count them all at some point.
  • That is it for this update, but there will be another in July as we get these updates and decisions made. Thanks for listening!


    Podcast delay

    Apologies for the delay in getting this week’s podcast up but I am feeling under the weather and haven’t felt up to editing it podcast yet. I hope to have it up by Tuesday.

    Heading to AAG in Chicago

    It is time, once again, for the annual meeting of the AAG. This year Sue, Barb, Frank, and I will all be wandering the halls to present, view presentations, interview, and just enjoy interacting with great geo-minded people. A few points I want to highlight:

  • If you would like to tell us about your project or product, contact us and we can schedule to meet at the conference hotel.
  • Our presentation schedule is
  • Hope to see you Chicago!

    Episode 503 delayed

    Hey folks! Sorry, but I am caught up in a few other projects for the next couple of days, including returning to classes following Spring Break. We have the episode recorded, but I have been editing reports, documents, ppts, quizzes, labs, etc since Tuesday and before that it was grading midterms, not leaving time to edit this week’s podcast. Once I get the report wrapped up I should be able to take the 1.5-2 hours it takes to get the episode edited and put together. It may be up as early as Monday night, but I think Wednesday night (EDT) is a more likely release timeline.

    I think I am going to blame on the transition to daylight savings time…that was an hour lost right there! #BanDST!

    Countdown to 10 years begins now!

    We have been going at this for a while now…500 weeks of production at least. Our first blog post (of about 3,600 to date) went up on July 12, 2005. The first podcast episode went up later that month on July 24th. Since then we have created 500 weekly audio episodes, around 50 video episodes, 72 Special Episodes, and around 110 Roadshow (conference) episodes, putting us closer to 730 total episodes (and I probably forgot to count some).

    Today is a day that we will hold dear for its milestone number, but it is just a step toward 2015’s true highlight in our hearts…our 10th anniversary. As we head toward July we are going to continue to highlight conversations we have at upcoming conferences, our own thoughts on changes in the geospatial industry, and topics discussed with industry insiders…but we (as always) would like to know who you would like us to talk to and topics you would like us to talk about. I encourage you to tweet us, email us, even call or Skype us, and let us know what you would like to hear.

    Welcome Aleigha!

    I would like to take a second to introduce Aleigha, our intern for the next couple of months (the Spring 2015 semester). She is a senior studying Journalism and will be working on a few different things to help us as we head to our 10th anniversary. The two main things that you all will see are some:

    1) ‘back to basics’ perspective pieces about various technologies (UAS, LBS, FMV) that we talk about all the time in the podcast, but which we often start from a (somewhat) expert perspective. I hope Aleigha, as someone looking in from the outside, can provide a voice that speaks to those just getting into these acronyms and terms; and

    2) a couple of episodes of VerySpatial TV. We will start planning those episodes in the next couple of weeks and you should see them in March or April.

    Either way, it is great having her on board and we look forward to sharing her experiences as she learns about the wonderful world of Geography and geospatial!

    Happy Holidays!

    We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday of your choosing (or more than one if you prefer)!

    Of place and space – the VerySpatial book club

    unruly placesAs we have mentioned on the podcast a couple of times, we are kicking off a book club to focus on Geography themed books. We will focus on popular and trending books with an eye towards texts that are current and less expensive (under $20). We are using Goodreads’ group functionality to host the book club. We encourage you to go over and check out the group and join us.

    Our first book is Alastair Bonnett’s Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities, and Other Inscrutable Geographies, which will be discussing through September. As this is part of VerySpatial you probably expect that we hope to have a conversation with each of the authors on the podcast. Our talk with Dr Bonnett and future authors will come out mid-month to give us time to chat about the book before and after the podcast. You can get sense of the book by listening to Dr Bonnett’s NPR interview from July.

    We are already searching for future books, so let us know if you have any suggestions. If you are an author or a publisher, please let us know about your book so we can put on our list of potential reads. One thing we plan to do as we get a clear schedule (both for the discussions and future books) is to give away a few copies of the book we choose. To that end, keep an eye on the VerySpatial Twitter account later this week as we give away a couple of ebook versions of this month’s read.

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