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I am teaching a straight forward, stand-alone Spatial Analysis class for the first time in a couple of decades. That means that I have been looking at resources to share with the class, especially reference materials that they can access given that they will mostly forget what I tell them by February once the next semester is in swing.

I have generally utilized OER materials for the last decade (don’t get me started on the modern shift of the textbooks-as-a-service subscription model to get around the growth of OER), so I wanted to find a solid open source item to point to. Instead, between the ones I had used before and those that I found over the last few months, I have found an embarrassment of riches. In the end I am pointing to a number of sources for class readings. By no means inclusive of all of the sources out there, these sources, ranging from PDFs of print books to texts available through our library to GitHub publications, are ones that I am pulling from for student readings (in the order that I have tabs open, aka, no particular order):

And these are just the book shaped resources for the class. The class is going to incorporate the Esri Spatial Data Science MOOC at the beginning as well (since it is taking place during the course). We will also spend a few weeks focusing on QGIS and R. I am likely going to jump to deep into things this time around, but that will just help me pace the course better next time. Right? 🙂

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