World Fish Migration Day 2014

Today is World Fish Migration Day 2014. It is a one day global initiative to create awareness of the importance of open rivers and migratory fish with over 70 organization supporters worldwide. It is also a very geospatial day because much of the outreach, education, and work being done is spatial.  If you want to find an event going on in your part of the world today, they have an event map of World Fish Migration Day activities.

Atlantic Salmon and Sea-run Fish Restoration in Maine is holding a Flat Fish location based event, where it asks participants to snap a photo of themselves with a downloadable picture of one of Maine’s for “sea-run” fish at their favorite  watching spot and upload it to their Flat Fish Gallery.

Migration research happens all year long in the geospatial community. The 2014 Symposium on Animal Movement and the Environment: Combining animal tracks with remote sensing data about our planet has presentations are archived at



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