Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses are HERE…. ish.

Google has begun field tests on their new augmented reality glasses.  I have to say, they’re pretty snazzy lookin’ all things considered, especially if you dig the Geordi LaForge look.  The link includes a demo video to show what life is like with the glasses and it’s AWESOME for nerdy folks like myself (and maybe not even no so nerdy folks).  The demo features a sort of combination of Siri, LBS, IM, Foursquare, Google+, phone, augmented reality and the aforementioned all around awesomeness 🙂  Google has even started a Google+ group for it so you can keep on top of the information.  What I haven’t seen much of as of yet is these things on people with glasses.  The beautiful models look fantastic wearing them, but they kinda have to, don’t they 🙂

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